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Saturday, November 4, 2017

San Diego Adventures, Part 1

Hello all and happy Saturday! I've finally started on these San Diego posts! I've been working on them almost all day today, sorting pictures, and am now compiling 3 full posts all about our recent trip to Cali. So, get ready for 3 parts of San Diego photos and adventure!

Let's start from the beginning. A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of traveling to San Diego, California for a mini vacation. I went for a work conference, but Trent tagged along too, and we got to spend time in this beautiful city that neither of us had been to before. We had such a great time. It's such a nice city, and we got to explore quite a bit while we were there.

From the sunsets to the beaches, and all of the fun restaurants and breweries, there is so much to do in San Diego.

And of course, I thought I would share some highlights and fun memories we had while we were there. We hope to visit this city again, and see even more of California someday.

Our first evening there, we got the MTS public transit cards so we could ride the trolley and buses all over the city for just a small fare. Once you have the card, you can get a 1, 2, or 3-day pass for few dollars, and ride all of the trolleys or buses you want for those days. That's the way we traveled most of the time - that and walking a lot! If you don't mind all of the walking involved, I recommend the public transit system to get around.

We went to Old Town and ate at a little Mexican restaurant the first night, then to Seaport Village and just walked around and took in the beautiful scenery.

I immediately fell in love with the natural beauty all around. The sky, the sea, the waves, the trees..It was all very pretty!

We also checked out the Gaslamp Quarter, a historic area with a ton of nightlife, restaurants and bars. We found a little pub there where we watched the Cubs lose horribly to the Dodgers in the playoffs!

The next day, we went out to Mission Beach and Belmont Park. We ate at Draft, a restaurant/brewery by the beach, then just walked around a little.

It was cold and chilly most of the day, even sprinkling a little bit. We were just waiting for the sun come out and be nice again!

We went north a little bit to La Jolla, which was one of our favorite places we visited of the trip. The beach and the whole area was just really pretty.

It was still pretty cloudy while we were there, but the sun slowly started to peak out, and it was beginning to clear up a little bit.

I loved all of the ocean waves and the palm trees.

La Jolla Cove was the best part. There were rocky cliffs jutting out into the ocean, and our first encounter with California wildlife.

Not only was it a beautiful view, but we saw tons of seals and sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks, and could even get up close to them. It was the coolest thing.

They would just all huddle together in groups, and there were too many to even count. They all blended into the rocks, too so were hard to spot at first.

It was definitely worth it to go up to La Jolla and see them. I highly recommend it if you visit San Diego! Just look at this guy posing for the cameras:

For both of us, it was one of our favorite places we went the whole trip.

We walked around a lot while we were there, just checking out all of the scenery and taking in the views of the cove and the ocean.

This arch reminded me a little of Arch Rock in Michigan:

Afterward, we ate at a rooftop restaurant right in La Jolla called Duke's, with a view of the ocean.

It was a great, full day spent in San Diego, and really gave us a taste of what this beautiful city had to offer.

We ended the night, first checking out Scripps Pier just after sunset.

What a view by the pier! It's so pretty. You can't go out onto it, but there's a deck area there where you can sit and enjoy the views.

Finally, Trent had to check out Green Flash Brewery, so that was our last stop of the night. We had some drinks there on the patio outside, then took an Uber back to the hotel.

It was a long and full day, but a lot of fun!  Part 2 of our trip is coming soon, so stay tuned for more of our San Diego trip!

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