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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Living Room Wall Clock

Hey guys! I bought a few new things for the house online this past week. One of them was a new wall clock for the living room. Our old one had been broken for a while now. No matter how many times I changed the batteries, it always seemed to get "off." So I did a lot of looking online, and a little in the stores, too. In the end, I decided on this one from Target:

I like the distressed wood look that it has, and it was on sale for $35.99 from $40. It's pretty big - 24 inches. Our old clock was 18 inches, but the space is big enough to fit a larger clock, so we decided to try it.

It just came in the mail this week, and we hung it up today! Since it's bigger and heavier than the old one, we had to hang it a little higher and use a reinforcer with the screw.

I'm really digging it!

Here's the old one for comparison:

The new one is a bit trendier, and I feel like since it's larger, it makes more of a statement.

Definitely liking the new look. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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