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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Headed to Ohio

We are headed to Ohio once again, this time for Trent's cousin Aaron's wedding! We are leaving today, hopefully before noon. I am all packed, and just waiting for Trent to get ready now. :)

We are actually bringing Saleen with us on this trip, so wish us luck! It should be an adventure. The longest trip we've taken with her was to Missouri last year. She loves riding in the car with us, but we have never traveled this far before with her, so we will see how it goes! We decided to take her with since it's now allergy season and she's been licking and biting at her skin pretty badly, so we want to keep an eye on her.
Monday was her 14th birthday, so she's getting up there! Luckily, we are staying in a hotel that is pet friendly, so we should be able to take her into the room with us without an issue.

Well, we will be leaving pretty soon, and are getting excited for Aaron and Jenna's wedding on Saturday! Aaron was Trent's best man at our wedding, and Trent will also be a groomsman for Aaron, so it should be fun.

They are cousins who are close in age and have been best buds since they were little, even though they've always lived pretty far from each other.

It's supposed to be pretty rainy this weekend, but we are hoping it dries up a little for the wedding. We'll see! Will share more when we get back from Ohio! :)

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