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Monday, May 15, 2017

Aaron and Jenna's Wedding and Our Ohio Trip

Hello all, hope everyone had a good weekend! We returned from Ohio last Sunday, but I'm just now getting to telling you all about it. :) Our reason for going was that Trent's cousin Aaron got married, and Trent was a groomsman in the wedding. So we took a little trip there for the wedding and to see Trent's family.

And yes, we took Saleen on this trip! We just couldn't leave her for 4 days, since her allergies have been starting up again, and she wasn't feeling the greatest. We wanted to have her with us as much as we could. 

So Saleen got a little road trip, from western Illinois to central Ohio! And she really liked it for the most part (before she got tired and started sleeping the rest of the way).

It's fun for her to get out and explore other places, and going on car rides is a fun adventure for her! She likes to see new sights and smell new smells. :)

This is the longest trip we've taken with her, and we stopped a few times along the way, but she did really good in the car!

She also liked our hotel room a lot. She discovered herself in the mirrors there. Who's that other dog??

We arrived in Marysville, Ohio, where the wedding took place, on Thursday night. Friday we hung out with Trent's family, ate at Rooster's in Marysville, went to Costco (!!), and took part in the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

It poured rain all day Friday, and it was windy, and in the 40's! We were all praying for better weather on Saturday for the wedding. Luckily, the weather did clear up, and it was nice all day, just a little chilly. I think it may have been in the 50's, but no rain!!

The wedding was at a place called the Brown School Barn. There wasn't heat in the barn, so it was a little chilly. Trent stood up with Aaron and the other guys as a groomsman - he's the short little guy in the photo below! Hehe.

It was a beautiful wedding - these two are the cutest couple and they are both so funny. Instead of lighting a unity candle, they made a unity peanut butter and jelly sandwich and each shared a bite of it. :)

The dinner was inside a tent right next to the barn. They had a couple of heaters inside the tent, which made the cold more bearable. Isn't it so pretty?

I loved all of their little details and the decor. They included their engagement photos in all of the centerpieces, along with baby's breath and candles.

I think Trent looked pretty nice in his tux, too!

We enjoyed watching Aaron and Jenna get married! They are such a cute couple.

I think Aaron almost cried when he saw Jenna walking down the aisle, too. Aren't they adorable?

We had to get a selfie, too! It was a fun wedding, and a fun little trip.

The next day we drove back home, and we ended up stopping at Buck Creek State Park along the way, so Saleen could have some fun exploring.

The park is in Springfield, Ohio, which isn't too far from Marysville, the town we were at for the wedding. There was a nice, big lake there which would have been even nicer if it wasn't so chilly! It was the perfect area for a little walk with our pup, though!

We watched the geese, and just walked by the lake enjoying the scenery and letting Saleen explore.

I think she liked sniffing around and feeling the breeze in her fur.

All around another fun and successful trip to Ohio!

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