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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Travel Tuesday: 5 Places on My U.S. Travel Bucket List

I noticed recently I hadn't done a "Travel Tuesday" post in a while! I wanted to get back into the swing of things, and I had plenty of time over the weekend to write one, so here's another Travel Tuesday for y'all. This week's post is about places that I've never been to, but they are all on my Bucket List to visit.

I always say that living in Illinois, it's so cool when you get to experience a different part of the U.S. and see a different landscape every once in a while. Something other than flat lands and cornfields! So taking trips out West or seeing the East Coast are always really fun to get to experience.

That said, here are 5 places that are on my U.S. Travel Bucket List. I hope to get to experience them all someday.

1. The Grand Canyon
Image from here
Talk about a change of scenery! I wouldn't mind seeing a sunrise or sunset here, would you? It seems like such a "grand" place, it's no wonder they named it what they did. I've never been to Arizona, but someday hopefully I will get to see it and experience this magnificent sight.

2. Las Vegas
Image from here
I am happy to say that I am planning on going here this summer with my mom and sister! We are planning a "Girls trip" to Vegas in late August. I can't wait! Neither my sister nor I have ever been, so what better time to explore Vegas than now, right?

3. New York City
Image from here
I've been wanting to see New York City up close for a long time. We all see it on TV and in movies all the time. One day I hope to visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square! Definitely one for the Bucket List.

4. Napa Valley
Image from here
One thing I have on my Bucket List is literally to "Drink wine in Napa Valley." It's kind of the wine capital of the country, right? And it looks so picturesque! Like a place you can just spend a whole week at, visiting different vineyards and wine tasting along the way.

5. Los Angeles
Image from here
I just want to visit L.A. and experience it all at least once! Shop on Rodeo Drive, see the Hollywood sign, all of the beautiful palm trees, and darnit, I want to put my hands in my favorite stars' hands, and not just at Planet Hollywood. :)

So what places are on your Bucket List? Do tell!

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