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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend on the Town

Last weekend, we were out and about on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to the Cities so we could stop at Men's Warehouse, and Trent could get fitted for a tux for his cousin's wedding this spring. We also did quite a bit of shopping while we were there, too.

This year we just decided to each pick out a couple of things to get each other for Valentine's Day. So we went to DSW and Charming Charlie's, and I picked out some shoes, a handbag, and a couple of necklaces that Trent bought for me. Trent picked out a pair of shoes from DSW, then later got a shirt at Target. And those were our gifts to each other this year!

While we were out, we also checked out a fairly new restaurant/bar in Davenport called The J Bar.

We had been wanting to try this place for a while. It's connected to a Holiday Inn, and I was blown away by the decor. We were just there during the day, but it was still a really cool looking place.

I was obsessed with the light fixtures. They reminded me of Chihuly Glass sculptures.

They also seemed to have a good selection of drinks and beers on tap, which Trent always appreciates. 

I decided to go the non-alcoholic route though, and got a drink from the "espresso bar" selection, a vanilla latte. It was pretty yummy! The food was great, too. All around a very nice and kind of up-scale restaurant.

And speaking of lattes, we went to Target afterwards, and when we walked in the door, we were greeted with free samples of Starbucks Butterscotch Frappuccinos - which were also quite yummy. And really tiny and cute, too! I love miniature things, don't you?

Sunday I was pretty tired from all of the shopping on Saturday, but we had to go to town again, this time to get drywall and a few more supplies at Lowe's. We just went to Galesburg, so we didn't have to drive all the way to the cities this time. I blogged about this mini shopping trip last weekend when I talked about the hall closet progress.

I didn't share this photo, though. This is the Arby's sign on one of the main roads in Galesburg. 

They just renovated this Arby's and decided to keep the old sign. I was so glad - it has a lot of character and looks totally old school, especially in black and white. Am I right?? I had to get a picture. That sign is just a classic.

So that was last weekend in town, both in the Quad Cities and Galesburg! This weekend was a little more low-key. I just went out for a little while yesterday with my parents. Trent has been working on things around the house, including mudding the drywall in the closet. I will probably share a closet update sometime this week! Happy Sunday everyone!

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