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Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year, New Phones

Trent and I finally got a phone plan together yesterday. And got new iPhone 7's! It's been a long time coming. We got our old iPhones way back in 2013, so it was time for an upgrade.

Trent got the black one, I got the pink. And we got cases to match. Below is just a picture of my box, but isn't it purdy?

So far, we love the new 7's. It was super easy with the iCloud backup to transfer all of our photos and apps over from our old phones to our new ones, too. I'm also excited about the new and better camera.

We decided to make the switch to Verizon - we each had something different before. Our decision was mainly based on the best coverage area, and the carryover data. So far, no issues! But it's only been one day. :)

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