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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life in 2017

It's a nice Sunday today - not too incredibly cold, and no bad weather yet - though it's supposed to be coming! I thought I'd bring you all up to speed on what we've been up to so far this year, and where we're headed.

So far, 2017 has been pretty great, but nothing too terribly exciting. We've been making a few trips up to the cities so far this year. We went shopping last weekend and got new phones. Then this weekend, I had a tire light on in my car and found out I have a tire sensor that needs to be replaced, so I had a car appointment yesterday in the Cities to figure out what was wrong, and we'll have to go back next weekend, to get it fixed. While we were there, we did some shopping, took advantage of the after-Christmas sales still going on, and have gotten to eat out a couple of times.
Last weekend was Texas Roadhouse - Love that place. Then this weekend, we ate at Crust again. Remember those amazing beer-battered cheese curds? Definitely the best cheese curds ever. We got those as appetizers, and were so full after that we could barely eat our pizza! :)

We also tried a couple of beers there. I got a Lionstone Peanut Butter Wheat beer. I tried it one other time before - it's locally brewed in Geneseo, Illinois, and it is delicious! Trent got a Cherry Blond ale from Great River Brewery (also a local brewery), and he liked that, too.

Friday night, Trent got some pizza from the place down the street from us, and Saleen clearly wanted some of it. She couldn't leave Trent alone while he was eating it. It was pretty cute. :)

She can't resist that pepperoni pizza!

Today we've been cleaning - doing laundry, dishes, and mopping the floors with our new Swiffer Wet Jet! We've gotten a few other new things for around the house lately, too. I bought a new wine rack, some new wine glasses, and a bathroom scale with my Target gift cards from Christmas. This is the first scale we've owned in the 6 years we've been in this house! It was pretty exciting. :)

Then yesterday, we got new pillows for the bed from Bed, Bath, and Beyond - here is the link to them online. They are pretty fancy - kind of tempur-pedic, and have a special cooling gel inside. Last night was our first night sleeping on them. Not too bad! My neck has been hurting when I wake up, so I needed a new pillow that was a little better for it. I hope this one helps!

In the way of renovation projects, I think our first one is going to be finishing the hall closet. We put it in when we renovated the hallway, but haven't finished it yet. Here's a look at the closet after we put it in:

It still needs drywall, a floor, and some shelves. It's small, but I think having it finished will help us be a little more organized. Plus, we'll have a nicer space for our vacuum, the Swiffer, and our bath towels.

So that's how our 2017 has been going so far in a nutshell. I'm hoping to start some renovating soon!

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