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Monday, December 5, 2016

Short Stay in Omaha

Last Tuesday, I left for a work conference in Omaha, Nebraska. I had never been to Omaha before. I'd been "through" it, on our way to Colorado. And we definitely drove through the entire state of Nebraska on that trip, which let me tell you, was a blast. Haha. Actually, it isn't the most exciting state to drive through...lots of fields and cows.

But we had a pretty good conference, and I got to stay here for about 5 days. Even though we spent the whole time in the Hilton hotel downtown, the hotel was huge and very nice. It was a nice place to spend time at my first time in this city.

The rooms were very nice and comfy. Though I am not a fan of sleeping on those fluffy pillows. They kill my neck! Ha.

This was my view from the room - please excuse the reflection of the curtain in the window. It wasn't a bad view - those are the two tallest buildings in the city of Omaha.

Here's a little bit better picture of them. At night, the tallest building in the city had the word "Joy" displayed in lights, probably for the Christmas season. I thought that was pretty cool.

There were a few other highlights for me at this conference. It actually snowed a little bit while we were there, despite the weather having no snow in the forecast at all. There were small flurries, which we saw outside the window one day. It didn't accumulate to anything, but it was still cool and unexpected to see!

Almost every meal, we ate at the hotel restaurant downstairs, and the breakfasts and dinners there were all very nice. The food was amazing. Almost everything I had, I liked. 

One night, I got a thin crust pizza, and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be! I ended up having to take a few slices back to the room with me, but the box the server gave me was huge! Carrying it up to my room, I felt like I was making a pizza delivery!! Haha. 

Delivery, anyone?

To top it all off, the box the leftover pizza was in, was actually too big to fit in my hotel room's fridge. So I had to finish off a couple leftover slices, then toss the rest. :)

I also had my first Risotto one night at the restaurant. At first, I was a little skeptical to try it, since I had never had it before, and it looked a little strange. But it was actually pretty decent. Not too bad, just very filling.

A couple of cool things about this hotel, was that they have tons of artwork all over, several different sculptures, and there is a really pretty, huge outdoor fireplace right outside the restaurant.

We had a view of it at breakfast one day, and it looks even cooler at night. It was probably one of the largest fireplaces I've ever seen!

We had a pretty good conference overall, and even though we didn't get to really explore the city while we were there, I got kind of a first taste of Omaha, which was cool anyway, to at least be in a new city. 

I got home Saturday mid-day, after a 5-hour drive, and I was happy to be home and get to sleep in my own bed, as I always am after these trips. It's always a long few days.

Glad to be home, for sure!

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