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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chicago Trip, and Cubs win the World Series!

What a week it's been! Wednesday night, the Cubs won the World Series! It was such a crazy game, full of ups and downs, and it left us all on the edge of our seats watching. Trent and I both screamed with excitement after the final play in the 10th, when Bryant threw the ball to Rizzo at first to make that final out of the game and seal the Cubs' championship win. It was the most exciting game we'd ever seen for us Cubs fans.

Just a few days before though, Trent and I went up to Chicago for the weekend. We had originally just planned to see one of our favorite bands, Green River Ordinance play at a small venue, and have a pretty low-key weekend. But, the World Series schedule meant the Cubs would be playing at Wrigley that night, so that changed our plans a little bit!

We found out that Trent's cousin Jessica and her husband were going up to Chicago to celebrate in Wrigleyville, so we met up with them - after we went up in the Willis Tower. We had never been there before, so we got to cross something off our Chicago bucket list while there.

We all ate at Giordano's and checked out Harry Caray's, which was a little too busy that night to wait for a table. But we caught the first part of the game during dinner at Giordano's, then took the El down to Wrigley.

Even though the Cubs lost that night, the area around the stadium was still full of excitement and tons of Cubs fans. It would be their second loss in a row, but we were still hopeful the Cubs would get their groove back. Who would have thought though, that they would come back to win 3 times in a row and clinch the entire series!

It was such a fun night, and we even made it back to the venue in time to see Green River Ordinance play! They sang our wedding song, "Dancing Shoes," which was just one of the coolest moments of the night for us.

They even came out into the audience and sang right in the middle of the crowd. Literally less than a foot in front of us. It was an amazing show.

Since our Chicago trip, the Cubs went on to win, and we celebrated the rest of the week. Trent even went up on Friday for the parade with his friend Leo. Unfortunately, there were so many people there that they didn't even get close enough to see it! But they celebrated in Wrigleyville afterward, and got to enjoy the fireworks that were set off over Wrigley Field.

To make a great week even better, Trent got a new job offer and starts next Monday! He's looking forward to it, and excited to start this new chapter of his life.

Needless to say, we have had an amazing week and have enjoyed our Cubbies finally breaking the 108 year curse! Looking forward to the documentary and movie that is sure to follow this one. :)

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