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Friday, October 28, 2016

Baseball Pumpkins (Go Cubs!)

Is there anything more exciting at the end of October than watching your team in the World Series, especially when it's the Cubs?! Trent and I have been watching every game, from the playoffs until now. Us Cubs fans are all hoping this is the YEAR!
That said, these are the pumpkins gracing our porch this October! Gotta cheer on our Cubbies.

I painted both last weekend. A slight change from my painted pumpkins of last year.

One thing's for sure - "We ain't afraid of No Goat!" (In the words of Bill Murray).

You know we all believe that we can win the World Series this year, but honestly, whether we win or lose in the end, this season has been nothing short of amazing for the Cubs!

P.S. - My blog was recently featured in the article, "25 Blogs, Resources and Tips for Remodeling a Fixer-Upper Home" from Check out the link and scroll down to the "Blogs" section to see a nice little blurb about This Little House of Mine! :)

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