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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Current Status: Painting White Things White

Hello all, and happy August! My hallway update is a little overdue - we've been working on it for over a week now, and we are actually making good progress.

We finished the floor. It's nice and shiny, and new-looking thanks to Trent's sanding work, and two coats of Poly. We couldn't walk on it for a while so we had to make a detour through the closet to get to the bedroom and bathroom.

Now, we can walk on the floor, but there is a huge white sheet over it. It's pretty much a construction zone now, as we are working on the walls, doors, trim and ceiling.

Here's a little before and after of the floor, sanded and then finished (the poly was still wet, but you get the idea!):

It's exciting to see things finally start to take shape. Especially after all of these years of working on this space! I looked back today at my previous posts, and we actually started ripping the hallway out back in 2011. That's five years ago! Talk about a long renovation! You can see my first post about the initial demolition of the hallway here.

Since we've gotten the floor finished, Trent has been working on more mudding touch-ups, and is now in the home stretch of the wall-sanding process.

I have been painting - Painting white things white.

Let me tell you, it is a blast. So far, I have painted 2 coats on the bathroom and bedroom doors, and one full coat on the trim around both doors. All of the doors and trim are pre-primed, so they are white to start. And I'm painting white semi-gloss on them. So, it's not a dramatic difference, but it is still a difference, in that they are much brighter and shinier when they're finished.

Here's my nearly completed bathroom door! It's not super exciting but again, it's progress, considering we installed these doors back in 2012, and we've lived with them unpainted for almost 4 years.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to paint the closet door white! Yippee!

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