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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend, Part 2

Hello friends! It's time for the final installment of our Fourth of July weekend extravaganza. (See Part 1 here). 

After Saturday night's festivities, Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to head up to Haley and Dan's new house in Geneva. They recently moved from one Chicago burb to the next burb over. And they officially bought their first house! 

Since we were too busy in Missouri to help them move in last weekend, we went up on Sunday and helped decorate. A.K.A., we hung anything and everything on the walls! Hammering, screwdriver-ing, it was all a good time. And we even finished beautifying the living room with a new gallery wall.

We did take a few moments to have fun, though. Haley and Dan showed us a little around downtown Geneva, and we got to explore the town, which is super cute and charming. 

We walked along the Fox River, which was a gorgeous and scenic area. Looks picturesque - like it was out of a painting! There were tons of cool-looking restaurants and bars around the downtown area, so we hope to go back and try some of them.

We did try one new place, called Doughocracy. It was kind of a fast-food pizza restaurant, but the pizza was pretty awesome. You can either choose all of your toppings and make a completely customizable pizza, or choose from their pre-selected options.

My pizza is the green one - It might look scary, but it was delicious. Pesto, cheese, zucchini and eggplant. Delish!

It was fun visiting Haley and Dan and seeing their cute new home. We even got to catch some of the fireworks that night after the baseball game down the street ended - a nice little surprise! We headed home that night to get back to our pupper, but it was a fun day in the Chicago burbs.

The night of the Fourth, Trent and I hung out at his aunt and uncle's, grilled out there, then we all made our way over to the Galva fireworks. As always, they were purdy!

We always sit super close to where they set off the fireworks, so it feels like they are going to fall right on us! A perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

Now, please excuse me while I enjoy the little time I have left to sit around and do nothing, before it's off to the next adventure! This coming weekend, we are headed to Milwaukee for a little Summerfest fun. Another busy summer weekend, but hopefully another good one. Until next time...

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