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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Unplanned Ceiling Demo That Was Our Tuesday

Earlier this week, this was happening in our back room:

Yep, we ripped out the ceiling of our back room Tuesday, after getting tons of rain, and the leak in the ceiling becoming a huge, gaping hole! The drywall up there could no longer support the rain that was coming in and had been slowly eating away at the middle of the ceiling.

There are so many structural things wrong with this room, it's hard to decide where to begin. The ceiling is low back here and the roof is not sloped enough for the rain to run off of it. The shingles on the roof currently are not meant for such a low-slope roof. Needless to say, the rain gets trapped on the roof and one hole becomes a giant, seeping nightmare. 

So when I came home Tuesday, Trent had this much of the ceiling torn out in the room, and we then cleaned up the mess that was all over the floor (wearing dust masks of course). Then Trent laid down some plastic sheeting, and tore out the rest of the ceiling. He stapled up some plastic on the ceiling temporarily, until he can patch the roof, and we decide what kind of structural repairs we need to do in this room.

It's just getting nice again outside after having some rainy, colder weather, and we're ready for outdoor projects. Unfortunately, the outdoor stuff might be now mixed with inside renovations this summer...who knows what other unexpected projects will come along after this week!


  1. Well its messy now but just think what a wonderful space it will be when you are done with it. It might become your new favorite space! Any special ideas for it? Mud room?

    1. We have no idea what we want to do with it yet! It's been kind of wasted space that we don't use, except to store things we have no other place for. :) Building some storage cabinets back there would be nice, and we've thought about building a bar area and having a little extra hangout space. So who knows! We'll see!!


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