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Friday, May 6, 2016

Starting the Garden from Seeds

This year, we're getting a little late start to planting our garden. The weather has been rainy and chilly the last couple of weeks, which has delayed tilling and planting. Last year, we grew flowers for the wedding in lieu of vegetables. This year, it will be back to veggies.

We decided to grow all organic veggies this year. Here's what we got:

There are four different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, a couple of hot pepper varieties, sweet peppers,  watermelon, and butternut squash.

We picked up all of the seeds from Home Depot, and I got an indoor seed starter kit this year, which I did for the first time ever with veggies.

There were 50 slots, and I started with tomatoes. But I had so many seeds, that they all got filled with tomatoes! I planted all of the Roma and Rutgers varieties.

Trent then informed me that we aren't going to need 50+ tomato plants in our garden. Whoops. My bad.

So, it looks like we'll be picking up another one of these babies at the store this weekend to plant more varieties of seeds! Maybe some peppers this time. :)

In my defense, I didn't know there were going to be that many seeds in one Roma tomato seed packet! Why must they put way more seeds than you'll need? Nonetheless, it looks like our garden will be full of tomatoes this year, which is ok, because I like me some tomatoes. They are great for salads and sandwiches. So there.

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