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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seedlings Sprouting!

My garden seeds have started to sprout! So. Excited.

This is the first year we are starting our veggie garden in seed starter planters. As I shared in my post about planting these babies, I planted two varieties of tomato seeds in all 50 of the containers that came in the kit. :) I don't think Trent was too happy that I planted that many tomatoes, but hey - they're already starting to grow, so I think I did pretty good, right?

I even planted multiple seeds in each slot, so I think there may be a lot more than 50 total plants that come from this...considering some of these little containers have about 6 seedlings already sprouting!

Trent planted a second starter box this week full of more veggie seeds, including peppers and cucumbers. So once the garden area is tilled and the seedlings get a little bigger, we'll be able to transplant them all back there and get the garden going.

I can't wait to see what our veggie garden will produce this year!

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