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Friday, May 13, 2016

Porch Flowers Are Planted

Last Saturday we went to town, and I think we stopped at about 3 different garden centers! I don't remember exactly what we were looking for, but somewhere along the way I picked up some flowers to plant in my pots around the yard. 

I planted them as soon as we got home that day, and 4 bags of soil and 11 pots later, I had all of my flowers planted! It helped that I had some soil leftover in my pots from last year that I was able to salvage. I also made sure to add some garden fertilizer and plant food to each pot to help them along.

The majority of the flowers I picked up were petunias, because they always do really well for me. They are great in part-sun, part-shade, and are so colorful, too. I also picked up some Dusty Miller again this year. I grew them last year to use in the wedding, and they spread like crazy. They are super low-maintenance plants, and I like the subtle green hue.

I actually found some really pretty yellow petunias I thought were kind of unique, so I planted a couple of pots of those. They really add a nice little pop of color to the porch.

We have a few big planters we got for the wedding last summer, and so far I've only filled one. I decided to plant some celosia in it. They always seemed to do well, and I'm hoping these spread and grow nice and full. I have two more of these big planters over by the garage that I'll have to round up some soil and plants for, too.

My little chalkboard planters are back again in full force this year! I love those things. I still remember when I picked them up last spring, and they were perfect for my Dusty Miller, so that's what I planted in them again this year.

So..the porch is now kind of ready for summer, but I think I'm going to switch out some of the brown planters for my colorful ones that I have yet to fill, and take the brown pots out to the back patio once I can get to town and get some more flowers.

Oh, and my hanging pot this year was pre-planted with begonias. I don't know that I've ever had begonias before, so we'll see how they do!

Now, the next thing to do is clean up the flower beds and re-mulch in some spots! Time for the summer weeding to begin..

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