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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend Fun in Galesburg

This weekend, a few notable things happened:

1. We had absolutely PERFECT weather! 70's and 80's and sunny.
2. We had two bonfires, and grilled out with family.
3. We saw a huge, bright meteor in the sky right in front of us - this one.
4. Trent and I walked with his family in the "Run for a Reason," a 5k walk/run in honor of his cousin who passed away three years ago.

It was a great weekend overall! It actually felt more like summer than spring, and given that I have been up since 5:00 this morning (we had the 5k earlier today), my day today has been long but relaxing. Though I am pretty exhausted, I've been getting some things done around the house while Trent is working this afternoon.

Yesterday we had some drinks and appetizers at Iron Spike Brewery in Galesburg. We went with Trent's cousin Amanda, her husband Steve and their son Eli, Trent's cousin Jessica, and her husband Dusty. Trent and I have been there a couple of times before - it's an old Firehouse that the owners turned into a brewpub.

It's a pretty cool atmosphere, and they have a large selection of craft brews, which Trent likes. Plus, we were able to watch the Cubs beat the Rockies on TV, which was also pretty awesome. We even tried moscow mules for the first time, which I wasn't too impressed with. They're kind of like ginger beer with a hint of lime. Wouldn't be my drink of choice, but I do love the copper mugs. :)

We were in Galesburg yesterday to pick up our packets for the race. This was Trent and I's first time doing the Run for a Reason for his cousin Tyson, who passed away in 2013.

Every time we are downtown Galesburg, I see so many cool old buildings that I've never really noticed before or paid much attention to. Like this big, old brick building with a giant fire escape/stairwell. I just thought it looked really cool.

Then there's the antique mall, which I wish we could have stopped at but didn't have much extra time. It's such a cool historic building and is a huge part of what makes this downtown so unique.

This morning was the 5k with Trent's family. We walked it, but we didn't do too bad time-wise. About 48 minutes. I think my legs might be sore tomorrow though, since I'm not used to that much walking. Today will be the first day since I got my Fitbit in December, that I will have logged over 10,000 steps. :)

Anyway, it's been a fun weekend, with perfect weather and sunshine all weekend long. Lots of fun, bonfires, food and grilled burgers, and Trent's uncle Mark made us breakfast this morning. (yum!).

Oh, and we picked up some new adirondack chairs for the back patio! Pretty excited to fix that area up a little this summer. More on that later!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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