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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trent's Birthday Week

It's been a long week, and a busy one! Not a lot of time to blog! But how about a recap of Trent's birthday week?! The 22nd (last Friday) was Trent's 32nd birthday.

The night before, Trent had to work third shift, but I watched the Cubs game - Arietta's amazing no-hitter against the Reds! I had to take photos as I was watching it because I knew it was a historic game for the Cubbies, and I was sending Trent play-by-plays with every home run. :)

It was one of the best, but also one of the most one-sided games I've seen in a long time! The Cubs are going great this year and are one of the top teams  in the league right now. A pretty good start to our birthday weekend celebration!

Friday night on Trent's birthday, we went to downtown Moline and met up with friends at a new brew pub called Rebellion Brew Haus. It was a pretty cool place with a good atmosphere. They have a large selection of craft beers and a full menu. Trent tried some mini tacos, and we shared some cheese curds.

After Rebellion, we walked over to a pizza place down the street called Brix. We all ordered pizza and drinks, and the pizza was absolutely amazing! Probably one of the best veggie pizzas I've ever had. We will definitely be back!

There was even a guy dressed up in a pizza costume! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him, because it was kind of hilarious!

It was a lot of fun though, to all get together and hang out, and celebrate Trent's birthday. Of course, he got bought a couple of shots and maybe a drink or two! 

After we ate, we went to the Brix Annex, which is another part of the building, and there was a local band playing, The Candymakers. We hung out and listened to them for a bit before we headed home.

It was a good night, and lots of fun all around.

Saturday night my parents took us out to eat for Trent's birthday. We tried another place we had never been to in Le Claire, called Blue Iguana. It was just nice enough to sit out on the patio outside! A little chilly, but still a pretty nice night. 

We enjoyed some drinks and Mexican food, and the scenery of charming downtown Le Claire.

This is another restaurant I'd like to go back to again, maybe in the summer when it's a little warmer, and sit out on the back patio by the river.

Since the weekend, I've been busy working, and selling decor from our wedding! Having to schedule times to meet up with people who buy the items has been a tad stressful, especially when they cancel...but it's been profitable overall. A little extra cash, and I'm getting wedding decor cleared out of the house little by little, which is good!

I did finally get Trent his birthday present, though it was a bit late - a  new chainsaw that he wanted!

We went to a couple of different stores over the weekend, and didn't see the one that he wanted, so I ended up ordering it online. I got free shipping from the Sears website, and it came in just a couple of days. So it was a little late, but he was happy when he got it.

It's an 18 inch Craftsman chainsaw, and Trent can't wait to start cutting limbs, and sawing up the huge part of a tree that fell in our yard when we got a huge snowstorm this winter. The tree is still sitting back in our garden space!

Once he chops that up, not only will our garden area be clear and ready to be tilled up and planted in, but we'll also have a ton of firewood to use for fires this summer! So a chainsaw was definitely needed, and I know it will get some use.

I think Trent had a pretty good birthday weekend, and this week has been flying by. I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday again! It must have been all of the running around, selling my wedding items. :) 

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