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Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day yesterday? We had a great one, and a great weekend! It was our first Valentine's day as husband and wife, so it was definitely a special one. We went out Saturday night to one of our favorite places in Galesburg, Cherry Street, for some pizza, then saw the movie Zoolander 2. We're kind of big Zoolander fans, so we enjoyed it, no matter how stupid it may have been!

Sunday night was the actual holiday, and we got a big snowstorm! But we stayed home like all Valentine's Days, and got dressed up for dinner anyway!

We exchanged gifts, then Trent cooked dinner just like he does every year.

Trent got me some Dreaming Tree wine and a card with a sweet note inside. I got Ancestry DNA tests for both Trent and I to do together. We can't wait to take them!

Here's my card from Trent. So cute!

Even though this was our eighth Valentine's Day together and we're married now, it still feels like we're just dating like always. I love when Trent cooks dinner and we get to get all dressed up for dinner at home!

Especially when he looks this cute sitting across the table from me. :)

He made a really yummy dessert, too! Little mini cakes with carmelized strawberries.

We topped it all off by watching the Bachelor special on ABC. Love me some Bachelor! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentine's Day weekend.

Tomorrow I'm revealing where we'll be going on vacation this year, and tomorrow is also a big day, because it's the day we are finally getting our new couch delivered!! So excited! I'll definitely have a post about that soon, too. :)

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