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Monday, February 22, 2016

Shopping Day in Peoria

We had a pretty eventful weekend, with a trivia night for charity on Friday night (we tied for second out of about 20 teams!), then shopping all day in Peoria on Saturday. We also had outstanding weather for February - sixties and sunny! That's pretty unusual here in Illinois, but I'm not complaining.

Saturday Trent and I went down to Peoria and had a big day of shopping with my parents and my sister! It started at Biaggi's for lunch, where we had some pretty delicious food.

I'm glad we shopped a lot afterwards and were able to walk it all off, because I don't even want to know how many calories, or carbs I consumed! ;)

We went to two malls afterward, Northwoods and the Shoppes at Grand Prairie. The Macy's at Northwoods is closing this spring, so one of the reasons we went was to check out the good deals. Well, it was a little picked over when we got there. One whole floor was full of just store accessories like mannequins and shelves that they were trying to clear out of the store. A little strange!

The outdoor mall is always fun though, and we had the perfect day to shop. The Shoppes at Grand Prairie has a new Homegoods that opened just after we went last year, along with a Marshall's and tons of other great stores, so I was pretty much in love. That Homegoods was pretty wonderful. I didn't end up taking much home, but it was definitely fun to look!

After the malls, we made a stop at the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World, which was huge. There was even a seafood restaurant and bowling alley attached. 

And check out all the animal heads that were on the wall as soon as you walked in. (I think this was only half of them!) -

I can see how my dad pretty much feels at home here!

Trent and I did enjoy looking at all of the boats, though. In fact, there was an entire "Boat Center."

It was probably Trent's favorite part of the store. I couldn't pry him away from them if I tried!

Once we found the kayak section though, we started looking a little bit more "seriously." We even watched a little demonstration about fishing kayaks. Which was kind of interesting, except we probably won't be fishing in our kayaks much.

We are, however, looking for new kayaks to replace our first ones that we sold on Craigslist last year. We decided we wanted something a little more stable. We liked the Ascend sit-in kayaks we saw at the store, and the pink one in particular was my favorite. Maybe we'll get new kayaks for Trent's birthday again, since that's when we got the first ones! :)

Finally, I couldn't share photos of this day without sharing the fox bench photo. I pretty much walked right up to this scene of my sister and parents on the "fox bench" by the front of the store.

The moment was just too good not to capture.

Overall, a great winter shopping day that felt like an early spring! I'll definitely take it!

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