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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And Our 2016 Vacation Destination Will Be...

We have decided on our vacation destination for this summer, and it is...COLORADO! I'm really excited to finally explore this state. Every picture I see from here is so picturesque. 

Right now we are thinking late August. Normally we like to base our trips on wherever Dave Matthews is playing that year (hehe!), but since they're playing so close to home this year, we thought we'd finally go somewhere that we just really have been wanting to visit for the past few years. Neither of us have really been here. I only count it as a state I've been to because I have been to the Denver airport on the way to California. But I haven't really SEEN the state, other than from an airplane.

Just researching on the internet so far, it looks like we will have plenty to do here. So many cool mountains and things to explore. We'll be driving, and will probably stop in Denver first, maybe see a Cubs/Rockies game, explore the Rocky Mountain National Park, then head south to Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods, then drive out to the western part of the state for some more mountains and attractions. We're not really skiing people, so a summer vaca in Colorado makes a lot more sense for us. We already have winter here in Illinois! (And it's not my favorite!)

So, here's to more travel memories ahead, and to finally seeing some mountains together. :)

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