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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Week with the New Couch

Today marks exactly one week since our new couch was delivered. I shared what it looked like the night we got it, but I thought today I would share a few pictures of it during the day. It's been sunny here lately, so the pictures I have are a little sun-filled! But that just makes it more cheery, right? You have that glow effect going on, so it's all good.

We are still loving the couch a week later. It is pretty much perfect, and exactly what we were wanting. The best part is having the space to spread out, and we each have our own section to sit and watch TV.

We've been wanting a sectional sofa for SO long, and to finally have it is awesome. I hope to have this couch for a long time!

Oh, and I haven't talked about the pillows yet! The couch came with 5 pillows, and just like the fabric on the couch, we got to choose the fabric for the pillows, too. There was literally a wall of swatches and fabrics, and of all of the swatches, we chose the above two fabrics to accent the new couch. The blue is a kind of teal - turquoise color, and we've already had bits of that color in the room, so it wasn't a big transition. We didn't really change much at all in terms of the decor in here. I also threw on a few extra pillows on that I already had - the chevron patterned pillow, and the ruffly white ones.

Some furniture had to move upstairs, since the couch is a little bigger and takes up more space than the old one. We lost an end table and lamp since we only have room for one. And the storage bench is moving upstairs, too.

The space the couch takes up is worth it though, because it's not wasted, and will be great for when we have company, too.

So, all in all we LOVE the new couch, and are still just as excited about it as when it was delivered a week ago!

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