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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Healthy Eating Continues

In the past few years that I've had this blog, I've shared a little about healthy eating here and there. Not too much, but it's something that interests me, and every once in a while I feel like I need to share. I've been trying for a while to eat mostly nutritious foods and limit any junk food whenever possible. For the most part, I think my diet is pretty healthy. Being a vegetarian helps, since I'm not eating red meat all of the time, and I probably eat less fast food than most. But I still have to focus on getting the nutrition I need, so I've been trying to do that with healthier food items.

Lately I've been watching a lot of food-related documentaries, and I can't recommend them all enough. Health and food documentaries are always really interesting to me, and if you're interested too, check out these films (all available right now on Netflix):

They are full of information about eating for nutrition and for your health. Many of them also look at our eating habits in America vs. the rest of the world, and you might expect that we are a culture of processed foods, with Monsanto in control of our food supply, and foods full of the drug that is sugar. They will definitely get you thinking more about what you are putting into your body.

Like the rest of us, I like to indulge too, but I'm trying more and more to consciously add organic and GMO-free foods to my diet, as well as fruits and veggies. 

On our last grocery trip, Trent and I made an effort to choose healthier food items. We picked up bananas, lemons, limes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, avocados, and carrots.

We also got some Chia seeds and Quinoa - both easy additions to so many meals. I've been eating chia seeds almost daily since we got them, both on my salads and with veggies.

Trent cooked quinoa and rice, and we added it to tortillas for dinner a couple of nights ago. The benefits of these two foods are so great. Check out some of the benefits of Chia seeds here, and Quinoa here.

It just makes me feel good when I know I'm eating healthy or organic foods. 

Here are some of my past health/ food related posts if you're interested in reading more:

I urge you to add healthy foods to your diet if you don't already. And remember, it's about making an effort, even if you slip every once in a while!

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