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Monday, January 4, 2016

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Happy Monday! Who else watched The Bachelor premiere tonight? Love it! I feel like I got a lot accomplished over the weekend. After the holidays and recovery after New Years, we stayed home on Saturday, and I took down the Christmas tree and decorations. Trent and I spent the day cleaning the house. I finally got a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. I felt rested (and drank plenty of coffee to keep me energized).

Sunday we shopped, ate at Olive Garden for lunch, and went out with friends for dinner. And we got to come home to a CLEAN house! It's so much better when the house is clean after the busy-ness and chaos that was the holidays! Amiright?

I love when the big, bulky coffee table is moved out of the way, too. I like it for practical reasons, but I can't wait to get something else once we get the sectional in here. It feels so much more light and airy without our big, heavy coffee table in the middle of the room.

Not to mention how much bigger the room feels with the tree gone! And I love our tree, too, but without it, the light shines through the window again.

Annndd..I framed another one of our wedding photos.  I love it! I got this frame in the fall up by Chicago and I've been waiting for the perfect picture to use it.

Ahh, success. Seriously, that feeling when you've cleaned the house and can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor with a little cup of coffee and a movie. It's the best.

Now, time to watch the end of The Bachelor live! I've only been waiting for the season premiere all winter long. I don't think it disappointed at all. Lots of drama and crazy moments as usual!

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