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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snow Days and Painting

Hello there..popping in for a minute before I head to bed for the night! Yesterday my work was cancelled due to weather. We didn't exactly have an ice or snow storm this time, but there were wind chills in the twenties-below zero range, so work was called off. It was a nice day at home again and I got to spend the day with Trent, watching old home videos. I had a pretty good extended 3-day weekend, I'd say!

It was definitely a cold one. Friday night I stayed home after going to the Jason Aldean and Thomas Rhett concert on Thursday, then working all day. I was a little tired by then! Trent went to the Mallards game, and the next day I had a hair appointment in the morning, then we shopped and hung out in Galesburg for a bit. Sunday was a family birthday party, and the start of watching home videos.

Saturday I painted a little bit while Trent was at his dad's to work on his car. Here's a little detail shot from the painting that I did over the weekend. This part is kind of "flowery." I'm not sure if it's finished yet. Definitely some more experimenting!

I hope to paint more this week, too. We'll see where all of my playing goes.

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