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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Painting Inspiration

Some of you might know I was an art major in college, specifically in graphic design, but I've always enjoyed drawing and making art in general. I don't have a lot of painting experience, but in recent years I've kind of experimented with painting on canvas, starting small of course. (Ok, really small!)

You can see some of the paintings I've created and documented on the blog: here, here, here, and here. They've really been just small paintings I've done for fun, completely experimenting, and some maybe not exactly turning out the way I hoped, but they were fun to make.

I have an urge to paint more this year, so I'm gathering a little inspiration here to help get me motivated for some more painting adventures to come. I found all of these images on Pinterest, and have saved them all to my Pinterest board, Art I Love.

I've recently discovered the paintings of Erin Gregory. She paints colorful bouquets of flowers - and those are two things I love to look at, flowers and color.

Her work is just gorgeous. I would love to paint something like these. I love the bright colors together and imagine these would be super fun to create.

I've gotten more into abstract art in recent years, and a lot of the paintings I experimented with are abstract. I like that when you're creating abstract art, you have total freedom of the colors and shapes and patterns that you paint. It doesn't have to resemble anything but what's in your imagination.

I also like the idea of painting nothing but strokes of color onto a canvas. Color alone can be so expressive, and I imagine that a painting like this can really make a statement and look great when it's hung in a room.

I gathered these particular images because they all look like fun painting projects that I wouldn't mind taking on this year and trying my own interpretations of. Maybe I'll get to painting again this winter while I'm still cooped up in the house with nothing to do. Some possible painting posts in the future? We'll see!

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