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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rikki's Epic Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Friday night was a blast. Our friends Rikki and Nikki held an ugly Christmas sweater party. Trent dressed up like an elf. The rest is history.

He was too funny. Trent's sweater said "SUPER ELF", and he had a Santa hat, fake pointy ears, and elf shoes. It was pretty awesome.

They had a red backdrop on the doors for a little Photo Booth-like area. We even brought our selfie stick. Yes, we have one. :) They had fun props, too. We had a good time taking pictures and hanging with friends. 

The fun really started though when we decided to take Elf on the Shelf pictures of Trent. It was too funny! It definitely had my mouth hurting from laughing!

Sean's sweater was perhaps the ugliest of them all. It was definitely trailer park fancy.

The little chair made it so perfect, too. Look how tiny he looks!

Too many laughs to count.

There was a Drake dance-off, a hilarious original Christmas song by Corey and Rikki, and we played some card games with Sean and Nicole. 

Lots of ugly sweaters, and lots of fun!

It was just a good time all around. I felt super festive with my Christmas bows, and it was nice to hang out and party after a long work week!

We even briefly put antlers on Saleen just for kicks. 

Who else donned an ugly sweater this holiday season?! And who dressed up their pets? Sometimes you just have to. :)

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