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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Presents Under the Tree

This week I've been trying to catch up with my present wrapping after being out of town for 5 days at a conference. I have most of my Christmas gifts bought, but I still need to get some and feel a little behind this year. I can't believe Christmas is next week already!

Over the weekend I got a few more gifts wrapped, and as presents I purchased online are arriving, I got a few more done since these pictures were taken, too.

I feel like I'm making some progress...but I also know that a trip to town is probably in store for tomorrow night! And I needed some coffee on Sunday to finish what I had at the moment. :)

Holidays are always crazy and this year I just feel like I'm way too busy and not ready! The tree is looking better and better this week with the growing amount of presents, though.

Netflix binging is also helping me unwind. I finished The Wonder Years a couple of weeks ago, and I've started a mini-series about the history of America, and Trent and I also started One Tree Hill from the beginning. 

We're looking forward to our friends' Ugly Sweater party this weekend! Time to unwind. :)

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