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Monday, December 21, 2015

Presents = Done!

This past weekend, I got all of my gifts wrapped! I think we have more gifts this year than ever before. Really. It took several hours to finish them all!

I don't even think we could fit anymore under the tree if we tried! We also hung another one of our wedding photos, right above the couch.

I was saving a spot with our engagement photo. Now it's a nice little pair. :)

I just can't wait to get our new sectional. I keep thinking about what it's going to look like in this corner. I might just have to rearrange the whole space! That's ok though, I'm pretty sure I'll manage. ;)

Now when someone asks if I'm ready for Christmas, I can officially say I am. All presents are officially bought and wrapped. 

Now we just need to get this short work week over with. Who's with me? 

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