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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trip to Haley and Dan's (And Some Decor Shopping)

Remember last fall when we visited my sister Haley and her husband Dan in the Chicago burbs? Well we went up there again this past weekend. This time my parents also went up for the day on Saturday. Trent and I stayed there and drove back Sunday afternoon.

They still live in their quaint apartment in Batavia, and they have recently gotten a new puppy - a French bulldog named Frannie. We met Frannie for the first time this weekend.

She was quite the rambunctious little pup. So little and full of energy. She is teething and was biting everything! She tried to chew on our boots, our sweaters, the blankets on the couch, anything and everything she could get her mouth on.

She was harmless though, and was always excited to see us. She greeted us with lots of energy right from the start. Toward the end of the night though, she would get tired and was calmer and more cuddly.

Haley and Dan are working on potty training her, and have been giving her lots of attention. I know she'll be a spoiled pup!

We had a great time all weekend, but were quite tired by the end of it! We drove up on Saturday (which was also Halloween) and met my parents at the apartment. We then all headed to a restaurant called Harner's for lunch. I got breakfast food - strawberry pancakes, which were amazing, but so filling! 

Then the girls (and Trent) went to the mall and did a little shopping. Haley, Mom, and me all got Ugly Christmas Sweaters to wear for our Christmas get together. I can't wait to see everyone together in them at Christmas. It should be pure awesomeness!

We went back to the apartment after shopping, then watched some horror movies and ordered pizza for dinner. It was a good time all around.

After Mom and Dad left that night, we played a (hilarious) board game with Haley and Dan, and hung out until we were so worn out it was time for bed.

We left the next morning and probably won't get to see them again until Christmas. It's always nice getting together though, and spending some time in the Chicago area.

On the way back home, Trent and I stopped at some of my favorite home decor stores, just like last year, since we don't have them around where we live. Therefore it's completely necessary to stop whenever we're in the area! 

We stopped at HomeGoods, World Market, and IKEA, and yes, I found things at all places. Just little things this time, though. Here are some of my favorite finds this time around:

  • New Chevron rug for the bathroom (World Market)
  • Winter gloves (World Market)
  • New faux plant and planter - we have two of these already, but they're great space fillers (IKEA)
  • Nerd Bird clips for chips and snack bags - SO cute, I had to! (World Market)
  • Owl mug (World Market)
  • Gold picture frame (HomeGoods)
  • Hand towel (World Market)
Along with these items, I also got a few Christmas gifts, and a cute holiday bag from HomeGoods to put gifts in for Christmas get togethers. 

Here's a close-up of my owl mug (Like I don't have enough owl things already!)

I'm starting to develop an obsession with cute coffee mugs since getting our Keurig. And look, inside there's another tiny little owl! Isn't is adorbs?

So that was our weekend! Shopping and visiting with family. We didn't dress up this year for Halloween, or go to any Halloween parties, but we did make it to a haunted house a week or two ago, and watched a few scary movies here and there.

Hope everyone else's Halloween weekends were fun!

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