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Monday, November 16, 2015

Rug Shopping

While shopping at Target the other night, I couldn't help but notice all of the lovely patterned rugs on display. I have to stroll through the Target decor aisles every time I'm there, petting all of the pretty pillows and rugs, and admiring all of the stylish new furniture each season. I know I'm not the only one, right?

I'm currently obsessed with all the styles of rugs out this fall and have been thinking of getting a new one for the living room lately. It's not exactly the easiest decision though, when you're faced with this many wonderful options.

The rug we have now has served us well and looked pretty stylish for the last couple of years. But these days it's not looking so hot. With a dog who likes to scratch up against it and lick her fur all of the time, on the rug no less, it needs cleaned quite a lot... Not to mention, it's wool and it's not holding up so well. So a new one is looking better and better. Maybe not right away, but sooner or later.

I haven't decided on one I like yet and think I might wait a little longer. But some of the more neutral patterns have been catching my eye. I like that the material looks a little easier to clean than wool, and most are still low pile. The dark gray ones might hide dog hair pretty well, too.

The really patterned ones are pretty awesome, but I'm just worried they might be harder to match. So I'm thinking another neutral one might be the way we'll go when we do get a new one.

When we first moved in and got the living room decorated, I had the plainest rug you could possibly have. A cream-colored rug. No pattern or style at all. I think the one in the picture below is actually the second cream-colored rug we had. I figured it went with everything, and would look nice and bright. No dark, dingy rug or loud pattern. Well, it got dirty easily and was a little on the boring side! 

Spring 2013 rolled around and I was ready for a change. I bought this new rug from Rugs USA. I loved it when I first got it. It brought so much more style and interest to the living room. It was a neutral color still (dark gray), and it was a nice material (wool), so I figured it would last a long time.

Now though, I'm realizing wool probably isn't the greatest material, since it doesn't hold up really well, and isn't super soft, either. It's also been over two years now, and it's gotten faded and hard to keep clean with Saleen around.

So, I have some ideas in mind, and we're also looking at getting a sectional sofa. We actually started looking a year ago, but then took a break to work on wedding stuff and now will probably start looking again. When we do decide to get a new rug though, I think one of these from Tar-jay will look awesome in the living room. We'll see which one I do end up with when the time comes!

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