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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Anyone do some Black Friday shopping today? Or maybe you got it all done last night? We skipped the in-store shopping this year and opted for online deals instead. It was a last minute decision! I think I was just too worn out from yesterday's festivities.

I know I'm a little late on the Thanksgiving post since it was yesterday and all, but we've been busy this week, so this is the first day I've actually been home long enough to post! We had a good day yesterday visiting with both of our families and eating lots of food. We stuffed our faces, that's for sure! I made deviled eggs for the second time ever, and will have the recipe up tomorrow for anyone who's interested. They turned out amazing if I do say so myself.

I didn't take any pictures at Thanksgiving, so I'll end this post with a few photos I took of the sunset this week on my drive home from work. After the snow we got last weekend, we had a pretty nice, sunny week.

One good thing about living in the country is there are lots of back roads to drive down and stop at if you want to get a good sunset picture. :)

I had to stop and take a few since it was so gorgeous. The entire sky was lit up with oranges and yellows.

When there is this much beauty in the world, how can you not be thankful!

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