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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcoming Fall

Happy October! I have to admit, I've been dragging my feet this year. Usually, I reluctantly welcome fall by trying to focus on all of the positive things fall brings. Pumpkin everything, warm hoodies, pretty leaves changing color on the trees...This year, I just feel a little sad that my summer is finally coming to an end. This week feels so chilly, and it's not warming up anytime soon!

For a lot of people, fall is the best season. For me, fall means it's just a little closer to the dreaded "winter." Fall is like the old age of life. You're wise, but with rapidly failing health. It's getting colder, the trees are becoming bare, the plant life is dying and turning brown. It's the polar opposite of spring, which means new life, green everywhere, and warmth emerging from the cold of winter.

I know, I know. Enough of the negativity, though. It's time to be positive, to welcome the new season and focus on something I rather love doing: Decorating.

Every year I break out the plastic pumpkins and fall candles, and it makes things feel instantly home-y. Like last year's little ensemble here.

See, instant (easy) fall comfort.

This year, I'm slowly getting fall decor out. I think I'll get the majority out this weekend. Better late than never, right? I think the wedding has pushed my schedule back a couple of weeks this year! Ha.

I picked up some mums today and a couple of fall candles, and I'll be sure to share some decor photos soon! I even have a little fall craft I'm planning on doing over the weekend. Get ready folks!

Ok, I am officially exhausted. The good news... Tomorrow's Friday!

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