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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scenic Drive and The Butter Churn

Hello all! Are you seeing any fall colors where you're at yet? The leaves are starting to turn here. Not quite in full force yet, but I would imagine by next week they'll be quite colorful!

This past weekend Trent and I participated in one of my favorite fall activities. Along with our nephew's birthday party, and a bonfire at our friends' house, we also went to a couple of stops along the Knox County Scenic Drive. We like to go every year. It's the first two weekends in October, and there are flea markets, yard sales, and historic stops in little towns in the area.

This year we went downtown Knoxville and had lunch in the square. They had craft and food vendors set up, and we listened to a live band play while we ate.

We stopped by a few yard sales in the area, then went to Walnut Grove Farm, right outside of Knoxville.

There was a big barn there with tons of craft vendors, and they had mums, pumpkins, and veggies for sale, along with horse back rides for the kids. A pretty cool place out in the country.

Check out the abundance of apples and gourds! We took home a couple of big baskets of mums.

Last year at the Scenic Drive, I was on the hunt for vintage decor for the wedding and had a successful trip. This year, I wasn't really on the hunt for much, though I was looking for a quilt rack. And guess what? I found one at a yard sale for $25.

It's wood, and I haven't decided yet if I want to paint or stain it. Right now I kind of like it the way it is. It's nothing fancy, and it holds the quilt Trent's aunt made us for a wedding gift, along with the quilt from my childhood bedroom.

Besides the quilt rack, I also picked up a little flower arrangement for $1, a set of 2 blue coffee mugs for $1, and a huge, heavy gold-framed mirror for $5. (I have yet to find a place for that one, but I'm pretty excited about it!) All in all it was another fun year. I would like to go this weekend, too, but who knows what else we'll have going on.

We did finally stop by the new health food store in town over the weekend, too. It just opened this summer, and we've been really excited to check it out. It's called The Butter Churn, and they sell all locally made, natural, organic, and fresh foods. We can literally walk there from our house. It costs a little more than conventional food from the grocery store, but this food is healthier, and when you buy it, you support local business, which is always a plus.

We got a bottle of some locally made wine, and Trent got some organic pumpkin honey wine and some meat from the Buffalo Prairie meat locker. They sell meat from there - the little town where I grew up. Pretty cool! 

We plan on stopping there at least once a month to support local business in town. We want to keep this place around, since these kinds of places don't come by too often. Excited to try more things from the store, like the bread and the organic coconut oil.

Another busy but successful weekend! And I have a fun fall craft to share with you soon. Get excited!


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    1. Thanks! I had my eyes peeled for one and don't think I'll find another at that price anytime soon! :)


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