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Friday, October 16, 2015

Living Room, October 2015

This past Sunday, we finally had a day to stay home, so I spent some time cleaning while Trent worked more on the walkway outside. It's so nice to get all of the furniture dusted and clutter picked up. I snapped a few photos of the living room in the meantime...ready for a short little tour?

It was afternoon, so the sun was shining in! And we've been binging on Netflix since we got it last month! I've been watching new movies, and Trent has discovered a couple of new TV shows.

Here's a better shot of my new quilt rack that I scored for $25 at a yard sale. The quilt in front was a wedding gift, which was finished by Trent's aunt. His grandma had started it, and his mom had also worked on this quilt before she passed. It has our wedding date sewn in.

And here our are new Mr. and Mrs. pillows again, also made by Trent's aunt. They've moved from the couch to the side chairs. We may have too many pillows to count in here...

My little plastic pumpkins are making an appearance again this October. Which reminds me, is Halloween really just a couple of weeks away now? This year went by so fast.

This weekend is our friends Justin and Elizabeth's wedding, and Trent is a groomsman. Tonight is the rehearsal/dinner, and tomorrow's the big day! Then Sunday I have a baby shower to attend. It should be a busy weekend again. Who has time to think about Halloween?!

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