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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Busy Weekend of Special Events

Anyone else watching the Cubs / Mets game tonight? It's got us on the edge of our seats over here. Come on Cubs, let's do this!

This weekend was very busy, and full of memorable events. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding of our friends, Justin and Elizabeth. We went to their house for the rehearsal, then to Barrel House, where we ate and visited for a while. Then Saturday was the Big day! Trent was a groomsman in the wedding. He looked pretty sharp. Check out the neon green tux accents...Definitely unique!

Trent has known Justin, the groom, for about 10 years or so. It's always fun when the whole group of us gets together, and the wedding was no exception. It was a long day, though! We had to be up there at noon for the guys to get ready. The wedding was at 2:00, we took a bus ride to Van Der Veer Park for some wedding party pictures in between, and then enjoyed the reception that evening.

Lots of fun and hijinks ensued that night!

Leo and baby Liam definitely stole the show in this one. :)

By the end of the night, we were pretty tired and got home around midnight. The next morning though, I got back up bright and early and got ready for another event, a baby shower for a family friend, Amanda. I grew up with her husband Matt, whose mom is best friends with mine. 

She is due December 14 with their first child. Doesn't she look adorable, too?! (These photos are all courtesy of Diane!)

They aren't finding out the gender beforehand, so all of the gifts were gender-neutral. The shower was jungle-themed, and all of the snacks fit in well with the theme. The names were all so cute and creative.

Cheetos were "Tiger Tails," and the apple licorice was "Monkey Vines."

Then there were animal cupcakes, animal crackers, "Snake Bites" for sandwiches, and the punch was "Orangutan Juice." 

It was fun visiting with their family, and we played a couple of cute games, too. After the shower, we headed back to my parents house, then I picked out a couple of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and headed home. What a weekend!

Meanwhile, back to the game...The Cubs are making us sweat, and I'm a little scared, guys. Not going to lie. This better end well! 

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