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Monday, September 28, 2015

Coffee and The Usual Target Decor Trip

Never get a Keurig. You will be addicted. A cup in the morning is one thing, but when you're drinking coffee in the middle of the afternoon, that's when you just feel old.

In other news, I went to Target last week and spent way too much money, as usual. I bought a few new fall clothing items, some accessories, and some gifts for upcoming birthdays and weddings. I couldn't go to Tar-jay though, without a little stroll through the decor aisles. This time I just took pictures of a couple of tables that I thought were pretty awesome.

Target decor never seizes to amaze me. Shiny gold and brass side tables. And on sale, too?

And check out this bar cart. Super fancy! Wouldn't it be awesome for parties? Ok, that's enough for today. Until next time, Target.

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