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Sunday, September 20, 2015

4 Years of Brew Ha Ha

This weekend was the annual Brew Ha Ha festival. It's the biggest craft beer festival in the Quad Cities area. Trent is a big craft beer fan, so it's an annual thing to do every September. This was our 4th year going to this festival together. Trent has been going since 2011, so it was his fifth year in a row, and I went every year with him, except last year. (I was sick, so I missed it.) It is always a fun time sampling different beers, both locally brewed and national. It also kind of symbolizes the start of fall for us. Sometimes it's been a little chilly, but most of the time, the weather is super nice. We lucked out again this year weather-wise!

Each year, we've gotten the free signature tasting glass to commemorate the event - it's a different color each year. Saturday we attended the festival again, and it was so much fun. It started out by me winning a gum ball game against Trent and getting a free koozie. :) We have to take a selfie every time; it's kind of a tradition.

Here are our yearly selfies from Brew Ha Ha.

I wish I could have gone with Trent last year. The one year that I missed! As you can see, every year Bent River Brewery gives away stickers to all the attendees. We've been sporting them every time. This year, one of the breweries gave out faux mustaches. Those were a lot of fun. Trent changed his out a few times. :)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Today, we're spending our Sunday resting and watching movies. We finally got Netflix! We're slowly joining the twenty-first century. A Keurig, stainless steel stove, now Netflix. Where have we been the last five years?

1 comment:

  1. Cute pics! Looks life fun. Our beer fest is coming up in KC and I hope we can go. I'm more of a winery girl but I love a good beer in the fall too.


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