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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 Days Away...

I have to apologize for the lack of posts over here, but we've been a tad busy lately. The wedding is now 10 DAYS AWAY. What?! I can't believe it's almost here. And I can't wait until it's over! Ha. I feel like I am going to want to be involved in every last minute detail which may make me go insane.

Meanwhile though, we've been putting the finishing touches on everything involved with the wedding, making sure all of the final details are set. I'm supposed to be getting my second round of programs today - the first didn't turn out like I hoped, so I was able to correct them and get them reprinted at no cost (thanks, Vistaprint!). Once they arrive, I'm gluing lace to every program for a little vintage touch. I think it will turn out pretty cool. So, can't wait to get those finished.

All of the music has officially been sent to the DJ, and my ring is currently being resized and soldered to my wedding band. We also picked up our marriage license on Friday. It's getting real!

Saturday was our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. I didn't originally expect to be thrown a Bachelorette party, so I didn't even really know we were going out until about the Fourth of July. And people were staying at our house, so that meant that amid all of the last minute wedding chaos, we also had to get the house all clean and ready for guests. So it's been a busy few weeks!

Trent went golfing with the guys on Saturday, then they all went out that night. I went out to eat with Haley and some friends, then we went to a couple of bars in the East Village. We all met up at the end of the night, and the limo bus drove some of us back home.

The girls and I had a really good time, taking the "Loop" all over the cities, and even playing a couple of pretty intense giant Jenga games at the bar!

My sister Haley came down from the Chicago area and stayed at our place, so it was cool that she got to hang out with us..and experience the craziness on the bus on the way home! Can't beat a little excitement for the night..

It was nice to all be able to meet up at the end and ride home in the guys' limo bus. Neither Trent or I got too crazy that night, and we were able to spend the next day (Sunday) relaxing by the pool and grilling out. It was the nicest weekend of the summer I think! Now, if we could just duplicate that weather for the wedding that would be fantastic!

Monday after I took my engagement and wedding band in, we went down by the river and looked for a spot to dock the boat after the ceremony. We are planning on taking a quick boat ride and getting some pictures in between the ceremony and reception.

Trent is doing a dry run today I believe, since there is a guy he works with who said we could use his pontoon boat. We'll put "Just Married" in the back - it should be cute. We found a spot we think will work that's right across from our wedding location. The birds seemed to like it.

Then we went down to the actual location we're getting married at again, to plan out some final details. Since it's outside, we want to be sure we have a good spot picked out for both the ceremony and the tented reception area. We found the perfect trees to hang our antique chandeliers on.

And we ended up deciding on the perfect spots for our ceremony and reception. We've been back and forth the whole time with the actual spot on the lawn where we're having the wedding. Then we saw a ceremony area that was already set up, and we thought that location was perfect. 

It was right by the water, and it was partly shaded. We also wouldn't have near that many chairs. I think there was about 200 there. We'll have half of that.

We were there at about the time that the ceremony would be getting over. Once we saw the wedding that was already set up, it was so much easier to paint the picture in our minds about where we wanted everything. Before it was like a blank slate with nothing but grass. So this helped tremendously!

To the right of that area was where we decided on having the tent for the reception. We measured where the tent would be, and found a nice level area right by the river.

Having that decided definitely helped to ease our minds a little bit. The day before is when we will start setting up and bringing all of the decor to the location. That's when the magic will really start to happen, and everything will hopefully all come together as we pictured it.

Last night Trent continued work on the ceremony backdrop, that we had put on hold for a week while we got the house clean and had our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. Now it's back to work on these doors! Trent was able to get the middle door to stand up with supports in the back. Here's the front (before it's been touched up with paint):

The other two doors will be hinged onto the sides of this one. Here is the back, which has all of the wooden side supports that Trent put on, and the bottom supports that will help stand it up. They also fold in with hinges that are attached to the door, and will be staked down at the ceremony location.

We're planning on getting these all done this week and's one of the few projects we have left for the wedding! 

My flowers are still doing really well, too. We haven't had near as much rain as we did earlier in the summer, but I watered them some more, so hoping they are extremely abundant in a couple of weeks! I'm actually looking forward to putting together all of my centerpiece arrangements the day before the wedding. It will be good creative therapy!

Only 10 more days and we will be husband and wife...and almost Jamaica bound!! :)

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