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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wedding Antiquing and DIYing

Hello friends. I will try to keep this short, because my To-do list is about a mile long and constantly growing. Not only have we been crunching to get all of the last minute things worked out for the wedding, we're also working on getting the house all clean and nice for when we have company over in a week and a half for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. So we're back and forth between wedding stuff and cleaning!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and each one gets busier as we get closer to the Big day. Last weekend I did almost nothing but wedding prep. Friday night I worked on my DIY chalkboards that I originally made for my sister's wedding last summer. I put a whole new spin on them for ours:

Saturday we went to Geneseo to meet with our photographer in the morning, then hit up a couple of antique stores for some last minute vintage decor. I picked up a few new finds at C&S, which I love. And we also found this other store called Antique Asylum [Antiques and Fine Junque]. I loved this place, too!

They had a lot of cool items here. I was seriously debating on getting one of those old antique typewriters - I saw two here. Would have looked so awesome at the wedding, but I knew I already had too much stuff! I got a few vintage-y things here, too.

Check out this booth with all of the clocks...

There were even more on the other side. All you could here was crazy ticking in this booth.

When we got home Saturday, the village Fun Fest was going on, but we had to use our time to work on more wedding DIY adventures. We started on our ceremony backdrop, which will be three french doors standing up behind us. We picked up all of our doors at the Habitat ReStore. The only thing is, the middle one is not actually a door, but was originally a built in cabinet. So it's not exactly the most sturdy. Therefore, it needed support. I helped...ok, watched, Trent cut boards and screw them into the door to frame it out and give it support.

It was hard work supervising, let me tell ya. I had my patio chair to sit on and everything.

He got it pretty much done, and we stood it up. It seemed pretty sturdy. Now all we have to do is attached the two doors on both sides of it with some hinges, and fix some supports onto the back to help stand it up.

After that we have the doors at the front of the aisle to build a frame for (which we also picked up from the ReStore). A little paint and some wood, and we'll have all of our ceremony "props" complete.

More to come for our next wedding adventures!

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