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Monday, July 6, 2015

Loveseat Love

I'm talking about loveseats today. We don't yet have one of these in our home, but we've definitely thought about it because of the small space we have in our house. Our living room is a slightly smaller size, and we've stuggled with trying to create a comfortable living space in here, because of the limited space. If any of you have an apartment or smaller home, you know what I mean.

Right now, we have a standard sized couch, and one side chair. But we've been looking at different solutions, like a sectional or adding a loveseat, to create more seating. One source I've been drawn to for sofas is One Kings Lane. They have a large selection of loveseats and larger sofas in a variety of styles, and they are all drool-worthy! I've come across them on Pinterest and by searches on the web, just in the search to find the perfect couch for our home.

For a little design fun, I put together a couple of solutions for styling two different loveseats I found on the One Kings Lane website. (For more solutions, check out their Loveseat Guide here)

They are two completely different styles, but I love both of them. The first is a lovely gray, elegant style loveseat; the second is a sand-colored neutral loveseat that is super versatile. All decor sources are listed below each collage.

For my first collage, I styled a room around this elegant Donna Antiqued Gray Loveseat in a modern, open and airy office space. An open space with a nice conversation area that's easy to collaborate on creative ideas, and just makes you want to work on creative (or blogging) projects! Picture bright, sunny windows and hardwoods.


My second collage centers around a more traditional style loveseat, the Dumont Linen Settee, that's super versatile because of its neutral, sand color and classic design. This is the kind of sofa I would love to have in my home. I love neutral furnishings, because you can bring in colorful and eclectic accessories, and the classic furniture provides a great background to style your room. I chose to style a cozy, traditional guest bedroom with seaglass colored accents and natural textures. And, I was able to find a lot of my decorative accents for this one at One Kings Lane. (Yes, they have other decor besides sofas!)


So which is your favorite? I wouldn't mind having both in my home. :) Thanks to One Kings Lane for the inspiration!

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