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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flower Garden in Full Bloom

You guys. I have so many colorful flowers growing in the garden right now! All of my zinnias are blooming like crazy. I've started cutting some to enjoy in the house, because I was told they die out mid-season, so you need to keep cutting them so they can grow more blooms. Before I cut them this past weekend though, I took a few more pictures.

There are so many pink ones! These have to be one of the easiest flowers to grow from seeds. So glad that I got a few packets.

My dahlias also just started blooming a week or two ago. I have yellow ones and purple ones right now, with more blooms on the way.

These are the prettiest flowers. You might recognize these two yellow blooms from the vases that I was playing with for the wedding centerpieces.

I also saw this Zinnia bloom the other day and had to get a picture. Look at all of the petals! So gorgeous, and my favorite color!

So proud of my first flower garden. :) I almost don't want to pick them, because the garden is getting so pretty! Come wedding time though, these guys are all going to be on my reception tables!

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