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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dahlia Obsessed

I am pretty much obsessed with Dahlias right now. I love the pretty blooms we have in the garden. I have the Lavender Perfection dahlias, which are HUGE, then some yellow ones which are a tad smaller.

Here are a couple that were out in the garden last week:

Aren't these lavender ones gorgeous?

I cut a few over the weekend and actually took a picture to show that these things are bigger than my head! Cray cray!

Since these particular blooms probably won't last until August 15, I figure I may as well cut some off and take them into the house to put in my vases. 

I hope to have a lot more to use for the wedding. I got a ton of extra flowers ordered last night, so since I probably won't have enough of my own for all of the centerpieces, I will have plenty of other blooms to fill the vases.

Dahlias are now up there with peonies and hydrangeas for my favorite flowers. I'm kind of obsessed with huge blooms. Ok, off to work on my wedding planning. :)

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