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Friday, July 3, 2015

Cleaning Day

I'm lagging on the posts, I know. But Happy July! It's my favorite month. I LOVE summer. Today both Trent and I (and much of America I'm sure) have the day off to celebrate the holiday.

It's Friday, and it feels so nice to have the day off and get some things done around the house! The plan is to stay home all day and clean. So far, it's 2:30, and we haven't gotten too much done. We watched a movie this morning (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Trent had to go out and help his dad fix the mower. I did the first round of dishes, and am now taking a break to eat a late lunch. So it's been kind of a cleaning day so far, but kind of a lazy one too. I hope to get lots more done in the afternoon!

One of the things on my agenda today is to put away a lot of the gifts I received from my shower. They're still all piled up in the kitchen. I got all of my thank-you's done this week and sent, and Wednesday night, we met with our officiant at her house. We've been pretty busy these last couple of weeks!

It has been nice enjoying the flowers from my bridal shower on Sunday. I got to take them home, so I've been enjoying them around the kitchen. These are from my Aunt Connie:

I love hydrangeas and these purple ones are so pretty!

I also got a huge bouquet of lilies form a family friend, and some carnations from my cousin, Chrissy.

And, it's not the best bouquet ever, but I picked some wildflowers from outside of town to fill a couple of small vases in the living room. Some of the flowers looked a little wilty, but I still like the colors and think it's kind of cute.

The Queen Anne's lace is my favorite. :) 

I'm not sure what all of the other flowers are, but they were mostly along the side of the road, and some were even growing out back in our yard.

I made a smaller one too. It would be interesting to see what all of these "weeds" actually are. I like to just refer to them all as wildflowers, 'cause it sounds more romantic. :)

Well, lunch is done. Back to cleaning!

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