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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

About to Talk Flowers

This will be a quick wedding flower related post. Tonight is our second and final meeting with the florist for the wedding. As you may know, I've been attempting to grow some of my own flowers to use at the ceremony and reception as centerpieces in my vases. And I've been sharing with you the wedding flower process every step of the way, from getting inspired back in October, to the beginning stages of planning in November...I even took notes on growing flowers at an organic farming conference class in February, then started growing my own flowers in April. And that was just the start.

Before this I had never grown my own flowers before. I had only planted them already grown into pots. I've learned a lot about flowers along the way, to say the least. From different varieties, to what's easier to grow, what's harder, when the blooming season is for various kinds of flowers. I've kind of become a flower gardener...and I kind of enjoy it.

I wanted to share a quick Before/After of some of the flowers I've grown, because I couldn't believe how tiny these things were looking back.

Remember the Dusty Miller I picked up in little containers and planted into pots? This is what some of these guys looked like when I first planted them:

So little, right? Well, here's what they look like now:

Yes, that yellow pot is the same one from above! So crazy. I'm going to have a lot of accent leaves for my centerpieces. :)

And those Zinnias that are growing out back in the garden have taken off like crazy. Here's a few pictures of what they've been looking like in the last week or so:

And this is where I started:

Little styrofoam cups with seeds! Now my only hope is that they stay blooming and beautiful until the wedding! Of course, I don't have as many varieties of flowers planted as I had hoped, but that's where the florist comes in. We can still make our arrangements and use some of our own flowers, but also get plenty of stems to fill all of my vases.

Excited to meet again tonight and get all of our plans for the flowers confirmed. Every step of the wedding done is a good one! More to come...

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