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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Fun Fourth

Hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July yesterday! We had a good time hanging out with friends, eating food, playing bags, setting off fireworks, and watching them. 

Friday night we hung out across the street for a little while and had a yummy meal at Trent's aunt and uncle's, then we drove out into the country and watched the Orion fireworks from the road. Nothing like avoiding crowds during fireworks festivities!

Last night we went to Sean and Nicole's for their Fourth of July party, where we had an abundance of food and snacks, got to play a round of bags, and watched the Red, White, and Boom fireworks later that night.

Again we avoided the crowds by watching them from the street across the way. There was a lot of talk about this show being bigger and better this year, and we definitely thought it was better than years' past! Multiple fireworks went off at the same time, consistently, while there's usually just one or two at once. And there were a lot of unique red, white and blue ones, and heart-shaped fireworks! It was really cool. We were a little further away this year, but it was definitely the best Red, White and Boom we had seen.

We even let off a couple of wish lanterns. I love those things. I think we'll get a couple of those to let off after the wedding!

Trent and I are at home this morning just being lazy and watching TV. We'll probably head to town later to get groceries and run a couple of errands. And just enjoy the rest of our weekend while it lasts. It went by so fast!

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