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Monday, June 15, 2015

Wedding Cupcake Display Deets

Hola! We had quite the rainy weekend. Saturday night it just poured down rain and flash flooded everywhere. Typical June!

Onto a little wedding update though... So, in lieu of a giant wedding cake, we're actually just having a small cake, along with 3 different kinds of cupcakes for our guests. And I'm pretty excited about it. Because these are the flavors:

Yep, I got my little chalkboard stands ready for the cupcake display. I am really looking forward to making the cake table look amazing. I have 5 cake stands, which are all different and completely mix and match..then I recently picked up this cupcake tower as well:

I was afraid we wouldn't have enough surface for the cupcakes. If anything I guess we could put any extras on the table, but just to be safe I wanted another stand. And also, this will be a little higher than the rest of them, so it helps with the hierarchy visually. And it's super cute and vintage-y. :)

Plus, you can't beat the price. This was another Hobby Lobby find. I got some good deals this past weekend! $16 on sale, when it was originally marked $80. Pretty awesome.

I think that completes the look for my cupcake table! There will really be a wide variety of stands, from clear glass to milk glass, to ceramic.

Not sure which stand the cake will be on, but I was thinking one of the milk glass stands. Putting together this table has actually been pretty fun. I'm planning on making another slightly smaller tassel garland too, like what I made for the sweetheart table.

I'm mostly excited to see what it will look like with the cake and all of the cupcakes on it! Lemon, peanut butter, and strawberry goodness. :)

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