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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden

Sorry for the excess of flower-related posts, but lately I've had so many blooms back there! We've had a really rainy summer so far, which is horrible for getting outdoor and house projects done. But it's awesome for growing flowers.

Today was my bridal shower, and I hope to have a wedding update posted soon. I'll give the lowdown on where we're at with the wedding planning, and hopefully share some photos from the shower! It's getting closer to the big day - only 48 days away now.

I'm feeling better about the selection of flowers we have in the garden. I think we'll have quite a few that we'll be able to use - maybe even a hydrangea bloom or two!

Of course, if you haven't been following along, I've been trying my hand at growing flowers this year for the first time, and instead of planting veggies in our garden this year, I planted flowers. I'm hoping to have lots of flowers to use in the centerpieces at our wedding. So far, it looks like we'll have some Zinnias, some Dusty Miller, and maybe some Dahlias and a couple of other blooms for our wedding in August.

So, let's take a little walk around the yard, shall we? And we'll see what's growing besides weeds!

More Zinnia blooms are popping up left and right. I've officially decided these are my favorite flower to grow from seeds. They are SO easy! All you need is rain and sun, and they grow like crazy!

I love how there is a variety of sizes and colors, too. I planted both mini Zinnias and the "giant" sized ones. And we have plenty of pink blooms coming up, which is perfect, since that's one of our colors.

I am in love with the flower below. I hope these all stay through August. I've never grown them before, so I'm not sure how long their blooming season is.

I think this section may have been the pink and purple variety pack. These would look awesome in my vases. SO hope they are still thriving by August 15th.

Another flower that's really taken off in the past few weeks is the Alyssum I planted from seeds. These would be a great accent, especially since I was never able to get my Baby's Breath seeds planted. I need those smaller accent flowers too, so I'm kind of excited about these.

Another flower I'm really excited about is my Hydrangea in the side yard. It's finally blooming!! I wonder what it will look like by August. It never bloomed last year, so I was super happy to see a bloom on there finally. These babies are slow bloomers, and are not always the easiest to keep alive. They need lots of water, and if they get too much sunlight, they can dry out pretty easily.

I would hate to cut off the only bloom this guy has, but it would be cool to be able to use in the wedding. We'll see if any more appear...

So that's another glimpse at the flowers growing around the garden. On a related note, we got a lot of wedding things accomplished yesterday. We booked the rehearsal dinner venue, and I had my first alterations appointment. I pick my dress up again in late July! Trent brought his suit in for alterations, too, and his dad got his suit ordered. 

After we got home last night, we took Saleen on a walk. Her skin allergies have been bad again, like every summer, but she's always happy to go on a walk around town.

It's nice to wind down and just hang at home every once in a while, since we've been busy with wedding stuff a lot lately, and will continue to be for the next month and a half!

But the final To-do list is made, and every item checked off the list is one step closer!

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