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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Walkway Progress

About a month ago, we started work on the walkway from our front door to the driveway. It's been hard to find the time to work on it, and we're limited on days when the weather is nice, and when we have the supplies. Trent's been working on it off and on the past month, and he's definitely made some good progress so far.

Here's how far we've gotten at this point:

It's about the entire length of the front left side of the house. After this point, there will be steps carved into the hill, then it wraps around to the west side of the house and to the driveway. Once the steps are done, the rest should be pretty smooth sailing, since it's a straight path the rest of the way.

We both really like how it's coming along, and how the colors of the rock, edgers, and paver stones all coordinate together. Trent did a good job of making it all perfectly level too, so it's easy to walk on...and so much better than walking on grass or dirt! 

It will be nice in the winter, too - less slushy and messy when the snow piles up and starts to melt. I think it looks great from the edge of the road, too. 

We're hoping to get most of it completed by the time we have our yard sale, which is in less than a couple of weeks now. Trent was able to get some more supplies that we need, which was good. We'll see when he has time to work on it, though! And of course it's dependent on the weather, too.

Ideally, I'd also like to get the front porch painted. We have the paint and worked on cleaning it all up, but we'll have to wash it down again, make sure the surface is nice and rough, then put the paint down when it's in the 70's and nice, and allow for it to dry at least a day or two.

I can't wait to get that repainted - the chipping has been an eyesore for a while now! But, on the plus side, doesn't the new mulch in my flower beds look nice? :) I only slaved away on that for a couple of hours, and got a sore wrist in the process! The things I do to make the house look good.


  1. The walkway is coming along nicely. What a difference its making to the front of the house!


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